South Side State Bank

330 W. Lakeside St.     opened in 1920
Some residents remember the bank. Others remember it as the Bob White Candy Co. from 1939 to 1967. City records show it also served as a bait shop and, under three different owners, as a bakery.

All that remains inside the building of the bank's presence is the vault, which has 18-inch thick concrete walls.

The Great Depression's fallout took the bank with it. In 1939, an Italian immigrant named Sam Loniello, now 81 and living in a Madison nursing home, offered to buy the building for $500. “You can't buy it for just $500” The building sat and sat. They finally said, “OK, we'll sell to you for $500.” “Well, can you give me a loan for the $500?' They did.”

Sam Loniello formed the Bob White Candy Co., which used the obtrusive bank vault for, in part, making chocolate.

And about the company's name: ``My dad named it Bob White Candy Co. for two reasons,'' ``One, he thought no one would buy Sam Loniello Candy and, two, he named it after his dog who was covered like a bobwhite bird.''