The Crystal Corner/Coughlin's Tavern

1302 Williamson St.     Built

1974 Hinze sells the Crystal Corner to Dave Day and Dick Story.

1965 Florence Weber sells the Crystal Corner to Stan Hinze, owner of the Green Lantern Tavern in McFarland.

1947 Florence marries (Weber) and no longer a Coughlin, decides to remodel her tavern. The exterior door of the tavern is redesigned to be framed by glass block, and one day with the sun glittering through it someone said, "It looks just like crystal." The bar had its name.

1944 Patrick Coughlin dies at 81 on Dec. 26. Florence becomes the first woman in Madison to hold a liquor license.

1939 Coughlin's Tavern moves into the building. It is owned by Patrick Coughlin and co-operated by his daughter-in-law, Florence. Florence resides in the flat above the tavern. Patrick Coughlin started in 1935 at 1314 Williamson St. "Coughlin & Barber" tavern at with Arthur I. Barber.

1935 A Thrifty Food Store opens.

1919 The A&P Tea Company operates out of this building.