Capital House/Vilas House Hotel/Pioneer Block/J. C. Penney
1 E. Main St.     Built 1853-54     Demolished 1957

Capital House
Opened in 1854 by a group that included; Levi Vilas, Leonard Farwell, Simeon Mills and Jairus Fairchild. The 97 room hotel was one of the finest in the state.

Vilas House
In 1865 Vilas bought out his partners and renamed it Vilas House

Pioneer Block
January 1885 remodeled into offices, shops, and rooms and renamed Pioneer Block.
F.W. Woolworths five-and-dime store was a tenant before moving to the other side of the Square in 1955.

1 E. Main St.     Built 1959     Demolished ????

J. C. Penney
A J. C. Penney department store was built on site in 1959 and remained until 1983.

1 E. Main St.     Built ????