Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Company Office Building
Office 1344 E. Washington Ave.     Madison Landmark
The small gable-roofed section on the corner was built in 1885.
The rest was added in 1899 and 1909.

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Company Established 1840. The office building is all that remains of the Fuller & Johnson Manufacturing Company. Founders John A. Johnson & Morris Fuller. Johnson also started the Gisholt Machine Co.

Fuller and Johnson manufactured a plow called the “Bonanza Prairie Breaker.” As early as 1885 the firm had become the “largest and most conspicuous enterprise in Madison.” They also manufactured cultivators, corn planters, harrows, hay rakes and tobacco transplanting machines. In 1900 the firm developed a gasoline engine to run agricultural implements. The engine soon became their major product, and they sold the plow manufacturing business. The business fell victim to the Depression, although a small operation under that name continued from the 1930s through the 1950s.