Smoky's/Justo's Club

3005 University Ave.     1936-69 Justo's Club     1969-Current Smoky's Club

Smoky's Club – 1953–Current     2925 University Ave. & 3005 University Ave.
    Leonard "Smoky" Schmock & wife Janet.
    Later run by their sons, Tom and Larry Schmock.
    Bar manager “Martini Bob” Perry.

    1953 Smoky and Janet bought a place called Hogan’s Club at 2925 University Ave. The family lived above the restaurant.

    In 1969 the widening of University Avenue forced them out and they bought out Justo's Club a half block east.

Justo's Club - 1936-69     3005 University Ave.
    Jennie Justo – 1908–1991, her birth name was Vinzenza DiGilormo.

    Jennie was dubbed "Queen of the Bootleggers", although she never cared for the label. She was arrested in 1933 for running a speakeasy out of her home on Spring Street in the Greenbush neighborhood.
    Legend has it that a federal agent was trying to date Jennie, but when rejected him, he turned her in.

    Angus McVicar took a famous photo of Jennie’s mother hugging her as Jennie left for a year in prison.

    Jennie later married Arthur Bramhall, a former quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and the two ran the Justo's Club.

    On Feb. 12, 1923, Jennie's father Carl Justo was found dying in a bloodstained snow bank on Death Corner with a charge of buckshot in the back of his neck. Some said it was an act of retaliation
    because his son Dominic had squealed on men who had robbed the Randall State Bank on Monroe Street in March 1922.