Pennco Field/Royal Airport

  • Located where Royal Avenue in Monona is today
  • Originally Pennco Field, later named Royal Airport
  • Created from part of the McCauley farm
  • The first hangar was built in 1926 by Madison Airways Co. A Trachte company metal building, 100 feet wide that could shelter 17 planes
  • Royal Airways Corporation was formed in 1927
  • August 22, 1927, just three months after he had conquered the Atlantic; Charles H. Lindbergh flew in and housed his historic plane, the “Spirit of St. Louis” in the hangar at Royal Airport.
  • The City of Madison purchased 290 acres north of the city for an airport but difficulties in developing the marshy area during the depression caused the city to lease Royal Airport for its municipal field for $2,000 per year, and provided lighting and improvements.
  • Royal Airport continued to serve Madison until 1938 when the new Municipal Airport was finally completed and opened with Howard Morey as manager.