Effigy Mounds
  • Observatory Hill
  • Blackhawk Country Club Mound Group
  • Brown, Charles E.,/Arboretum Woods
  • Burrows Park Effigy Mound
  • Farwell's Point
  • Edgewood College
  • Elmside Park
  • Forest Hill
  • Halvorson
  • Mendota State Hospital
  • Merrill Springs
  • Mills Woods/Hudson Park
  • Vilas Circle Bear Effigy Mound and the Curtis Mounds
  • Vilas Park

    From about 400 to 1300 thousands of effigy mounds were built in the area. The greatest concentration of conical and effigy mounds on the continent. The mounds, almost all on hills with views of water, have almost all been lost to vandalism, pillage or construction.

    Between Ridgewood and Midwood avenues in Monona is a burial mound near the "grand crossing" of Indian trails crossing the Yahara River near its Lake Monona outlet.