Forest Hill Cemetery Confederate Rest
140 soldiers buried here in the northernmost Confederate cemetery in the United States. All were from Company B of the 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment who were being held prisoner at Camp Randall. Captured on Island 10 in the Mississippi in April of 1862.

They all died within a two month period, some from their wounds, most of disease and malnutrition. Despite being confederate soldiers Madisonians brought them gifts and food daily.

"Erected in loving memory by United
Daughters of Confederacy to Mrs Alice
Whiting Waterman
and her 'boys'"

Retaining Wall Reconstructed 2008

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Individuals Buried Here - There are five unmarked graves:
Adams, T. C.
Albritton, Henry
Aoner, H. J.
Bajkim, Franklin
Barber, S. M.
Barker, James H.
Bates, Edward
Beard, W. D.
Bearley, J. H.
Bird, Daniel D.
Bowden, Joshua
Bowen, John
Bracken, B. W.
Bracken, John
Brandon, John
Braning, Elijah
Bridges, A. B.
Brooks, William
Browder, Joel
Buttery, M. F.
Carr, George
Castleberry, S.
Christwood, W.
Conn, Samuel
Damron, J. C.
Damson, T.
Davidson, George
Davis, Zelick
Deemins, T. D.
Drinkhard, P. L.
Drinkhard, William
Edwards, J.
Essry, Thomas
Famed, W. T.
Faulk, H.
Flowers, J. H.
French, M.
Fulton, T. D.
Galoway, Lee
Gilkriss, Abel
Gilmore, J. J.
Gilmore, J. W.
Glesson, Henry
Gordon, J. N.
Grantham, Mathew
Grew, Isham
Hadox, W. D.
Hagins, J. S.
Hamm, William
Henry, James E.
Hillhare, J. C.
Holliday, Aug
Hollingsworth, C. A.
Holt, John R.
Hood, F. M.
Horton, F. M.
Hutson, R. M.
Infmger, Hamilton
Infmger, William
Ingraham, W.H.
Jainegan, James P.
Jones, John H.
Kainnater, Thomas
Kelly, Richard
Leden, Jacob
Lisenby, E. C.
Lockridge, J. H.
Ludlin, Thomas
Mansell, B. F.
Mathews, W. C.
Mays, I. M.
Meachem, F. L.
Meader, Henry
Mettler, Charles
Mims, Thomas
Moore, William
Morrison, T.
Niles, Samuel
O'Donnell, David.
Odum, James.
Olever, S. T.
Osborne, Thomas
Parker, L. D.
Patrick, J. F.
Paul, J. M.
Peacock, Benagee
Pinkney, J. S.
Pipkin, William M.
Register, Pierce
Reynolds, W. T.
Richardson, W. T.
Riley, Robert
Rives, David
Ross, J. M.
Russell, W. 1.
Sanders, W. J.
Scott, D. M.
Seyers, J. K.
Skipper, A. J.
Smart, A.
Smith, Edward
Smith, J. T.
Smith, William
Smith, S. M.
Spears, A. F.
Spears, George W.
Stogner, J. V.
Strickland, J. H.
Taylor, Isaac
Taylor, Robert
Tillery, William
Tucker, G. E.
Tucker, T. T.
Warren, J. C.
Waterman, Alice W.
White, John K.
Wickes, John
Wicks, Clarence
Williams, N. J.
Williamson, J.
Wylie, John Mills
Yeager, T. J.