Bond/Koehler Forest Hill Cemetery Section 6 Lot 130

Varley Simon Bond Feb 11, 1875 Mar 22, 1950
  • Does Varley Bond haunt the Stoner House?
    Ellen M. Koehler 1885 1968

  • Walter E. Bond Jun 4, 1916 Mar 22, 1947
    Walter was initially reported in Madison's newspapers to have been killed in an accident in Paris in 1947. Later information painted a different picture of his death. He married Mary Ann Suster of in 1942 while serving as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Sent to Paris, he met and fell in love with Germane Pesant.

    He vowed to return and marry her after the war, and even made her the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. After being discharged from the service, Walter Bond abandoned his wife and young child in Wisconsin and flew to Paris. Meeting another man at the door of Germane's apartment, Bond got into a fight with him and was killed.

    In 1951 a Madison court awarded Germane $7,000 and Mary Ann $3,000 of Walter's insurance money.