Lawrence – Forest Hill Cemetery – Section 3 Lot 5

Thomas Saffery Lawrence Jan 11, 1814 – Jun 1, 1867
Charlotte A. Lawrence Apr 29, 1818 – Nov 5, 1887 “When the Chicago train arrived at 11 p.m., fresh warm blood was found on the cowcatcher. Backtracking, a piece of skull was found on the second covered bridge track over Lake Monona.” Lawrence, a fisherman who had supplied city markets for twelve years, was found floating in the lake. While creeping on hands and knees over the railroad bridge in the dark to his home on the south shore of Lake Monona, he was struck by a train that split his skull lengthwise and broke his back and one leg. An Englishman, he was “active, honest, fair dealing.”

In an unbelievable coincidence, Charlotte was also killed by a train on the same bridge twenty years later while on her way into the city. She was struck by an engine and caboose of the Chicago & Northwestern Road, and was pulled dead from the water. A strong southerly wind was blowing at the time and enveloped the cab in so much smoke that the engineer was unable to see the track.

William C. Colby 1830 – 1918
Hannah Colby 1841 – 1915

Edward W. Lawrence Aug 19, 1857 – Apr 21, 1906
Helen M. Lawrence 1859 – 1920

George Saffery Lawrence 1852 – 1912

Jennett Dowell Lawrence 1862 – 1920

John Thomas Lawrence 1839 – 1914