McLeod – Forest Hill Cemetery – Section 28 Lot 81

Doris Ann McLeod 1974 – Feb 23, 1991

February 23, 1991: McLeod’s body was found partially clothed in Goose Lake Wildlife Preserve by a guy walking his dog. A gruesome site, she had been severely battered about the head and chest, and her throat had been slashed, severing an artery that pumped out half her body's blood. Her legs were spread and her shirt pulled up to expose her breasts. She had been sexually assaulted after death.

Her distinctive cleft chin was smashed in; hands had been dismembered, severed high enough on the left arm to remove a birthmark. When her hands were found, near railroad tracks in another county, the fingertips had been sliced off.

It was several months before she was buried due to the investigation. At that time she was still considered a Jane Doe because the body had not yet been identified.

"America's Most Wanted" TV show ran parts of the story three times. Two short blurbs, and one full segment. The last airing generated a tip out of Illinois that led to a Milwaukee man named Joseph White. White, who was charged with murder and bringing McLeod across state lines for prostitution, acted as his own attorney. Convicted, he was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole until he's 108 years old.

Doris Ann McLeod (16)
Joseph White (28)

A novel by one of the detectives who solved the case, Kevin Hughes, is based loosely on the McLeod case. “Just Another Shade of Blue” published in 2000 under the pseudonym Charles Porter. kevinhugheswrites