Harnden – Forest Hill Cemetery – Section 5 Lot 19

Henry Harnden Mar 4, 1823 – Mar 17, 1900

Born in Massachusetts, one of the first white visitors to the Four Lakes area now known as Madison.

Escorted Black Hawk to St. Louis after the chief was captured in 1832 at the battle of Bad Axe.

Led the First Wisconsin Cavalry to the capture of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America, essentially ending the Civil War. Helping Harnden to locate Davis were Georgia residents who said they had overheard conversations where one man was addressed as “Mr. President.” Harnden's own servant also played a vital role, beseeching Harnden to listen to a man who had seen which way the Davis group was heading. “If Bill had not been with me, we would have known nothing of Davis having crossed our track; we should have gone the next morning toward Savannah, and Davis would in all probability have escaped capture.”