Harvey Forest Hill Cemetery Section 2 Lot 46

Louis Powell Harvey Jul 22, 1820 Apr 19, 1862
  • State Senate from 1854 to 1858.
  • Secretary of State from 1860 to 1862.
  • Seventh governor of Wisconsin 1862 serving only a few months.
  • While visiting troops fell off a boat into the Tennessee River and drowned.
  • His body was found 14 days later, 65 miles downstream.

    Cordelia Perrine Harvey Dec 27, 1824 1895
  • Born Cordelia Adelaide Perrin
  • Married Louis P Harvey in 1847
  • After Louis's death in 1862 Cordelia took up the cause of improving medical care for Wisconsin's Civil War soldiers who languished in ramshackle field hospitals, closely packed in small, badly ventilated rooms. She personally lobbied President Abraham Lincoln for funding to establish northern hospitals for soldiers and, while initially rebuffed, she eventually prevailed.
  • This lead the founding of the Harvey Hospital in Madison to care for Wisconsin's Civil War veterans.
  • After the war she devoted her energy to children orphaned by the war. After more meetings with powers in Washington, Harvey Hospital was converted to the Soldiers Orphans Home. Mrs. Harvey served as the superintendent from 186674.
  • She married the Reverend Albert Chester of Buffalo New York in 1876 and lived in New York until her death in 1895.