Hough – Forest Hill Cemetery – Section 1 Lot 47

William M. Hough Dec 19, 1803 – Dec 17, 1858
Amy C. Hough Sep 19, 1805 – Aug 18, 1886

In 1853 William came to Madison, where he became the county surveyor and city engineer. He laid out streets, inspected cisterns, and surveyed the marshes. In 1858 he was assigned to prepare plans for a 40-acre cemetery, later named Forest Hill.

During the late fall of that year he spent his days and evenings as a juryman for the circuit court, then half of each night platting the cemetery. Exhausted, he contracted pneumonia, and “before his labors upon this home of the dead were ended, he himself has been summoned to become one of its first inmates.” Amy later sued the city to obtain the money owed him for his Forest Hill work.

Auntie Alice R Hough Died Dec 21, 1899