La Follette – Forest Hill Cemetery – Section 4 Lot 99-100-101

Wisconsin's dominant political family for over half a century.

Robert “Fighting Bob” Jun 14, 1855 – Jun 18, 1925
Belle Case Apr 21, 1859 – Aug 18, 1931
    Their Madison Hone
    Their Maple Bluff Home

Phillip Fox May 8, 1897 – Aug 18, 1965
      Son of Robert Marion LaFollette
      Served in the U.S. Army during World War I
      Governor of Wisconsin, 1931-33, 1935-39
      served in the U.S. Army during World War II

Robert M. Jr. Feb 6, 1895 – Feb 24, 1953
      US Senator
      Found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Washington, D.C.

Isabel Bacon Apr 13, 1899 – Sep 19, 1973

Rachel Young Jun 9, 1896 – Dec 26, 1961

Oliva C. 1848 – 1911

William T. 1847 – 1913

Robert La Follette Sr.'s father Josiah was born in Indiana and was a neighbor in Kentucky of Thomas and Nancy Lincoln, Abraham’s parents. When he died in 1856 he said “I am not afraid to die, but I don’t like to be forgotten.” In 1894, after his mother’s death, La Follette disinterred his father’s remains and reburied him at Forest Hill (the grave is in this plot but is unmarked). The coffin had disintegrated. He gathered the skeletons and hair of his father and brother, wrapped them, and brought them to Madison. With his friend Dr. Cornelius Harper, he laid the bones out on the ground and studied them for several hours before burying them.