Proudfit Forest Hill Cemetery Section 30 Lot 12

Andrew Proudfit Aug 3, 1820 Nov 12, 1883
  • Madison's 9th Mayor 1869 to 1870
  • Former Proudfit House
  • He was a close associate of Governor William Barstow. His political enemies claimed Barstow had improperly awarded him a contract to erect the State Insane Asylum.
  • He settled here in 1854 and was vice president of the First National Bank, director of the Madison Gas Company and Park Hotel, and city treasurer.
  • He served in the state senate from 1858 to 1859; at the time his occupation was listed as "gentleman" in the city directory.
  • Proudfit built the south wing of the state prison in 1854, the north wing of the Capitol in 1864, and two wings of the Insane Asylum from 1866 to 1867.