Greenbush Cemetery - Bones Found in 2006
First a single skeleton was found in May, then a deteriorating box of bones was discovered on the grounds of St. Mary's Hospital Oct. 26, which had been built where the old Catholic cemetery once was. The box was found under the sidewalk in front of the Alumni Hall entrance of St. Mary's Hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Records show the remains of the old catholic cemetery, two-acres in size, should have been fully moved to the new cemetery in the mid-1800s. Some remains in the box likely predate even the old cemetery. At one time there was a 75-foot tall dividing ridge here that connected Lake Wingra to Lake Monona.

It was there Native Americans built effigy mounds and early pioneers buried their dead. The ridge was destroyed in the early 1900s for gravel to make road beds. The bones of three Caucasians and two Native Americans were in the box. Itís likely these bones were found when the ridge was being dug away and someone put them all in the box together. To find parts of a coffin intact usually depends on well-draining sandy soil, like what's found at the construction site.

Resurrection Cemetery donated labor and space for the burial while Gunderson Funeral Home picked up the cost of the hearse and services for the ceremony.