Cemetery Symbolism
Broken Column or Tree Trunk – “Life cut short” “Life left unfinished when cut off by death” Usually found on the grave of a young person.

Dog – Signifying the loyalty and that the master was worth loving.

Draped Urn – Sorrow, Mourning

Eagle – Suggests courage and possibly a military career, symbol for Saint John

Lamb – “Purity, Innocence, Gentleness, Sacrifice” when you see a lamb on a grave it’s usually a young child.

Obelisks – A four-sided, tapering shaft having a pyramidal point; a gravemarker type popularized by romantic taste for classical imagery.

Open Gates – Afterlife, the soul ebtering heaven.

Owl – Wisdom

Rooster – Awakening, Resurrection

Stones on Grave – Tradition for each visitor to a Jewish grave site to place a single stone on the monument. When the tradition started, grave monuments were mounds of stones. Visitors added stones to "the mound" to show we are never finished building the monument to the deceased. It tells visitors that follow that others had also visited the grave.

Swallow – Indicates a child or motherhood

Tree Trunk – Brevity of life

Upside-Down Torches – A symbol of death