St James

1128 & 1134 St. James Ct.     Built 1923-24
In 1905 Holy Redeemer Church was filled to capacity. Rev. Alois Zitterl, approached the Ramsay family about building a new church.

James Bowen Ramsay and his sister, Sarah Ramsay del Frato, donated six lots of their farmland in Greenbush. The lots were part of the 56-acre estate along S. Mills St. originally purchased by their grandfather, James Bowen, from Seth Van Bergen.

Rev. Zitterl named the parish after James Ramsay in honor of his donation.

The first building completed on February 3, 1905 was a two story structure housing the Church on 1st floor and a four room school on the 2nd floor.

By the end of 1912 the parish had tripled in size and it was time to build a new Church. On June 15, 1924 the current St. James was completed.

The old school was torn down and rebuilt in 1958.