Allen Hall Fire Kills Three
Jan 8, 1973 Madison, WI
Allen Hall, a convelescent center at 505 N.Frances St. 10-story brick building located at Frances & State.
Allen Philipsen and Rolland Petersen died in the fire. Philipsen, an employee, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and ran up to try and help and was overcome by smoke. Thomas Ryan died several days later.

Cause of the blaze was smoking marterials which ignited bedding and a chair in Peterson's room on the fourth floor.

The hall was built in 1962 and served as a private women's dormitory for University of Wisconsin students until 1969. It was then converted in a residential care center for the physically and mentally handicapped.

Allen Philipsen (22)
Rolland Petersen (60) Interred at Forest Hill Cemetery
Thomas C. Ryan (65)