The Shuffle Inn & Vision's Night Club Fires
Fred Long pleaded no contest to setting three fires. Long pleaded no contest to four counts of arson, two counts of endangering safety regardless of life and one count of felony murder.

Three of the arson counts were for setting fire to buildings; one involved a car fire.

In a plea agreement with the state it was agreed not to argue for more than a 45-year prison term. Long was given 64 years in prison.

Long has already been sentenced to 19 years in prison for setting fire to a wooden door at a Downtown Madison apartment building in December 1988. The incident occurred while Long was on probation from another arson conviction for setting a 1986 fire at the Carlton Hotel in Watertown.

"Fred liked to set fires, and Fred like to watch fires. He talked to us about a lot of fires, but he wouldn't admit to all of them. At one point he was a suspect in over 20 fires. I think at one point we figured that he was responsible for more than half the total fire loss that year."

"Fred would stick around and watch the show. There was more than a little vanity there. And at the fire at Visions he went on live TV and claimed that he tried to put it out. He said he tried to save that guy who was killed in that fire."

Fred Long (23)