Shaina Lea Davenport Death 1999
January 22, 1999 Madison, WI
Louis Payne accidentally shot Shaina in the hallway of her family's apartment at 1345 Williamson St. The two were friends. Payne had stolen two guns earlier that day. The two went on a joyride in rural Dane County with two older teens before ending up in the stairway. When the two of them were alone, the gun fired once, and the bullet pierced Shaina's neck. She spent almost a month on life support before she died.
11:45 a.m. Two handguns, one .22 caliber and the other .38 caliber, were noticed missing from Animal Arts shortly after a boy matching Payne's description left. Storeowner Steve McCredie said the .38-caliber gun was loaded with hollow-point bullets. The guns were stored below a counter.
12:05 p.m. One of Shaina's neighbors, Bobby Bullock, saw the two. Bullock said "Shaina was at the house and left with him".
2:15p.m. Shaina & Luis were seen at a Speedway gas station 1130 Williamson St. They were smiling, laughing and having a good time.
2:31 p.m Bullock came back to the house and "Shaina was lying on the ground in the hallway in a pile of blood."
January 24, 1999: Lewis was found in Chicago with the gun, one week from his 13th birthday.
February 18, 1999: Shaina dies at University Hospital.
The bullet had struck one of Shaina's vertebrae and reportedly severed her spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed and unable to breathe for long on her own. Shaina also suffered significant oxygen deprivation to her brain while waiting for treatment. She had wavered between critical and serious condition throughout the month. Hollow-point bullets expand upon impact, inflicting severe damage. (hollow-point bullet from her neck and to repair wounds to her face. )
February 23, 1999: Funeral at Schroeder-Cress Funeral Home, 3325 E. Washington Ave., Burial at Highland Memory Garden Cemetery in the town of Cottage Grove.

Shaina Davenport 14, O'Keeffe Middle School
Louis "Main Man" Payne 12
Animal Arts Professional Taxidermy 1511 Williamson St.
Steve McCredie, Owner Animal Arts