Suicide Kills Three
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 – Madison, WI
Kimberly Novak committed suicide by running her car the garage beneath their apartment in a 16-unit building in Prentice Park Apartments on Madison’s north-east side. Her husband, Richard Rogalla, went into the garage but was overcome by fumes and he was found dead on the floor. Vapors made their way up into both the Rogallas' and Kenneth Slavik's apartment. Slavik was found dead on the floor where he was apparently sleeping because of back problems.

If it weren’t for co-workers of Slavik coming to look for him Kimberly's 8-year-old daughter may also have died. That morning they went to his apartment looking for him because he didn’t show up for work and didn't call in. He was so reliable they new something had to be wrong. After convincing management to let them in Slavik’s apartment they found him. Police then went door-to-door looking for clues as to what killed him and that lead them to the young girl, who was found alive but confused & groggy.

Prentice Park Apartments – 747 N. Thompson Drive
Kimberly Novak (29) No. 206
Jade Novak (8) No. 206
Richard Rogalla (28) No. 206
Kenneth Slavik (35) No. 207