Governor's Residence
Unofficial 1st Governor's Residence Clymer/E. Doty St
The Doty House on Clymer Street (Now Doty Street) was not an official governor’s residence but governors lived there. Occupied 1841-1844 by Territorial Governor James Duane Doty and then by Governor Tallmadge. Built by Simeon Mills, he sold it to Doty. Barlow Shackelold, Doty's brother-in-law, lived in it after Tallmadge. Later owned by George Burrows, who owned the Opera House next door, and then the Williams family. Burrows had the house demolished. For a picture see WHS-34825 from the Wisconsin Historical Society collection.

“Old Governor's Residence”     130 E. Gilman St.     Built 1856     Madison Landmark 1972     National Register 1973     Victorian/Italianate
Built of sandstone from the quarry in Westport brought across a frozen lake Mendota.

Current Governor's Residence     Built 1920
Built by a prominent industrialist who called it home from 1920 to 1928. The State purchased the large, white, waterfront house in 1949.