Arboretum Park
1207 Seminole Hwy   

Aldo Leopold spoke on June 17, 1934, at the dedication of the UW Arboretum, he stood in the middle of two square miles of farmland. "Our idea, in a nutshell, is to reconstruct, primarily for the use of the University, a sample of original Wisconsin a sample of what Dane County looked like when our ancestors arrived here during the 1840s.'' "Our mission is to conserve and restore Arboretum lands, advance restoration ecology, and foster the land ethic.''

Leopold said that the Arboretum's work "will be done for research rather than for amusement, and for use by the University, rather than for use by the town.''

The first restored native prairie in the world, the place where scientists such as Leopold and famed botanist John Curtis first dreamed about what seemed impossible, bringing back something that we humans had nearly destroyed, the native prairie.

The Arboretum's

Lost City