First Schools
On March 1, 1838 school was first called to order in Madison. Isaac Palmer designated part of his log house, on the southwest corner of King and E. Clymer (Doty) streets, to be the first school in Madison. Miss Louisa M. Brayton served as the first teacher.

The next year a one story frame building on the north corner of Pinckney & Dayton opened. By 1841 it was so crowded some students were taught in a tool shed on the capitol grounds. On Dec 25, 1841 the county school commissioners made the entire township school district No. 1 (attaching township 8 the following Feb.)

The town later created a Madison school district under it's control, and in 1845 paid Augustus Bird $1,000 to build what they called the "Little Brick" on the southeast corner of E. Washington & Butler Street. The "Brick" was cramped and overcrowded for generations.

The school board finally built a new Third Ward School on the site in 1887, which it renamed Brayton School in 1904.

From the Madison Democrat May 4, 1904 - "Madison Public Schools Renamed"
First Ward - Washington
Second Ward - Abraham Lincoln
Third Ward - Louisa M. Brayton
Forth Ward - James D. Doty
Fifth Ward - Lyman C. Draper
New Sixth Ward - Marquette
Old Sixth Ward - Irving
Seventh - Increase A. Lapham
Northeast District - Hawthorne

First Private school in Madison, Mrs Sheldon’s school. Mifflin & Fairchild Streets started in 1882. Sold it 5 years later to Miss Lottie Richmond. 1905 lottie moved the school and it became the Wisconsin Academy. The Academy later merged with Wisconsin high school.