Boxer Eric Morel, Brothers & Friends Rape 15 Year-Old Girl
November 30, 2002 Madison, WI
Morel, convicted of second-degree assault of a child.

District Attorney Brian Blanchard agreed not to recommend prison. Blanchard recommended five years of probation including a year in jail.

Dane County Judge William Foust, recognizing the seriousness of Morel's crime, rejected a light sentence and ordered two years in prison followed by two years of extended supervision. "This kind of sexual contact with a passed-out 15-year-old girl is too shocking and too outrageous," Foust told Morel. "It's a set of facts where I have to say a line is drawn here, and you've gone beyond it."

According to a criminal complaint: The girl and a friend met Morel and his half brother, Fredrick Perez-Santos at a State Street bar. The victim told police she only recalls leaving the bar and waking up the next day with a swollen lip and pain between her thighs. But her friend said she saw Morel kissing and touching the victim and later saw him among a group of men standing around her. The complaint says some of the men were naked. Prosecutors said DNA from Morel's semen was found in the area of the girl's mouth and on her shirt. Morel originally denied guilt, he later admitted his actions and ultimately pleaded no contest.

Eric Morel (27)
Samuel Morel (34)
Frederick Orlando Perez-Santos (24)