Flying Monkey Punches Former UW Basketball Player and Flees

Oct 31, 2009 – Madison, WI
Darin Schubring was at the Main Depot bar on Halloween night. While standing at the bar waiting for change a man dressed as a flying monkey cold-cocked him for no reason. After he went down the man continued to hit him, even though he was already unconscious.

The event forever changed Schubring’s life. He nearly died and a year later he's not the same man he was, and suffers memory lapses, headaches, fatigue, sensitivity to noises and a degraded sense of taste and smell. He blacked out while driving his truck with his 5-year-old son. The truck rolled over several times, and he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. The blackout was likely caused by his brain injury.

The flying monkey man, Sean Longabaugh, ran away and drove back to his Illinois home. After a few weeks he was eventually tracked down by police and charged with aggravated battery.

Longabaugh received two years in prison followed by three years of extended supervision. In court Longabaugh said he still doesn't know why he did it, but said he was sorry and ready to accept his punishment.

Darin Schubring (43) Former UW Basketball player
Sean Longabaugh (25) Lake Villa, Ill
Main Depot, 627 W. Main St.