"Iím so glad you responded. I really donít know why my parents named my brother Ron. (Ronald Lee Porter) My brother is a twin and his twin is named Robert. Interesting your great uncle was also a Robert! My brothers are: Louis (which was my grandfatherís name), Thomas, Ron and Bob. I met one of your cousins at The Porter Farm in Bear Lake Township, Manistee Co. last summer. Her grandfather was Fred. Her name is Nancy Daane. Have you met? She too lives in Wisconsin. Do you know of your Great-Great Grandfather, John Baptise Paquin? That his last name was changed to Porter when he fought in the Civil War? Itís very interesting family history. Thanks again for responding! Jean "

Hi Jean,

Iím in Madison, Wisconsin. Since birth, my father was born here too.

Yes, you are correct, Frederick Samuel was my great grandfather! At least according to info from Find A Grave.

I have some links for you.

This is a page I created myself with Alfred Porterís obituary, and his brother, Robertís obituary. They are buried side by side at Roselawn Memorial Park in Monona, a Madison suburb.

Here are their pages on Find A Grave.

Wondering about the Ron connection. I was named after my dad of course, but my dad and your brother both being Ron I wonder who they may have been named after.

"Hi! Itís me again. I did a bit more research and discovered my Dadís Uncle Fred was named Frederick Samuel and passed in 1953.
Maybe he could be your Great Grandfather? Iíve more digging to do, because, Iím so curious as to how we are related.
?? Thanks! Jean "
"Hi Ron, Thanks for your quick response! So glad you responded. Good to hear from you too!
I hope you donít mind me asking a few more questions.
Where are you from? Wisconsin? I cannot see any information regarding where you are...
More questions...Your grandfather, Alfred was born in Bear Lake, Michigan. Was his last name Porter?
Iím guessing your answer is yes. Did Alfred also go by the name Fred? Would you mind sending me Alfredís obituary?
I think...your Grandfather might have been my fatherís uncle...Iím not sure.
My father died when I was 13, so I didn't know all of these family connections either.
But, I do know my dad had an Uncle Fred that moved to Wisconsin. Could this be your Grandfather? Interesting!
Thanks so much, Looking forward to hearing from you. Jean "

Hi Jean,
My father was also named Ronald.
His father, Alfred, was born in Bear Lake Michigan. I see you are from Michigan so I'm guessing that's the connection.
Alfred abandoned the family when my dad was 3 years old so he never got to know that side of the family and obviously neither did I.
I have Alfreds obituary from 1964. It lists 6 sisters and 2 brothers who are all from the Madison, Wisconsin area and California, no one in Michigan.
Sound like a possibility?

============================== Hi Ron! Iím curious as to how we might be related as I have a brother named Ronald Porter.
Porter is my maiden last name. Do you have an idea as to how we are related?
Looking forward to hearing from you
Jean Porter Much