Dane County Coroner Long-Term Storage
Public Safety Building     115 W. Doty St. (Across S. Carroll Street from the City-County Building)

Since moving into the Public Safety Building the Coroner's Office has had a Long-Term Storage facility in the basement that corpses can be kept in for extended periods of time. The 10-foot by 8-foot room can hold up to three bodies, kept at a constant temperature of 4 degrees.

Some of the bodies that have been kept there:

  • Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's body for months while the trial of his killer concluded and Dahmer's family decided how to dispose of his remains. His body was cremated in Sun Prairie in 1995. The office received a stream of calls for several months, including some bizarre requests. Some wanted to know what Dahmer looked like, others wanted to take pictures of his body.

  • 14-year-old Christian Steiner's exhumed corpse while his murderers trial was conducted. Steiner's death was ruled a drowning in 1994, but authorities reopened the case because Steiner's broken leg bones seemed similar to the injuries suffered by a boy from the same rural Baraboo area in a torture session. Steiner was found in the Wisconsin River near Portage, a week after disappearing from his home on July 4, 1994. Joe Clark, 19, was sentenced to life in prison, plus 50 years. Clark had already been given a 100-year sentence for the earlier crime.

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