Lake Mendota Monster
In 1917, a UW-Madison student named Charles Brown found an odd, extremely large scale on the north shore of Picnic Point. One of his professors, a man from England, identified the scale as that of a “sea serpent,” a large dragon-like creature that people in Britain believed inhabited several of that country's lakes.

That same fall, a fisherman angling for perch off Picnic Point was frightened nearly to death when a large snake-like head with gaping jaws and blazing eyes emerged from the deep water a hundred feet away.

Not much later, a man and woman were sunbathing near the lake when the girl felt something tickling her feet. Turning over she looked into the eyes of a dragon-like creature that was licking the soles of her feet with a long, serpent-like tongue.

Later, the young woman recalled that the creature had a “friendly, humorous look in its big eyes”.

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