Four Lakes Yacht Club

Originally the Four Lakes Yacht Club     6312 Metropolitan Lane     Monona, WI
Later – Jingles on the River – Muskie Lounge & Crab House – Bourbon Street Grille

  • Frightening encounters with a long-dead woman by employees and patrons.
  • Sounds of laughter.
  • Pots and pans ending up on the floor
  • Unpacking the equipment of visiting bands
  • A tap on the shoulder while alone on the back stairs
  • Employees opening in the morning find place settings done and seating arranged differently than it was the previous night.
  • During remodeling tools and materials disappearing and then reappearing in different locations, work was routinely disrupted by unexplained equipment failures.

    Possible Connections
  • “Marlene,” one of the original wait staff of the Four Lakes Yacht Club, had a heart attack on the premises and died later that evening.

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