The Wonder Bar/Bar Next Door - 232 E. Olin Ave.

  • Employees and customers tell of cigar boxes moving around the display box as if moved by phantom hands.
  • Footsteps descending the staircase late at night after bar hours.
  • Some have claimed the spirit of the woman in the painting, whose identity is unknown, haunts the building.

    Possible Connections
  • A Chicago gangster safe-house during Prohibition days. Roger “The Terrible” Touhy, leader of one of Chicago's Irish gangs built this place in 1929 for his brother Eddie as a distribution point to supply illegal alcohol in the Madison area and north. The Touhy brothers were rivals of Al Capone.
  • Purportedly, there's a body buried behind the fireplace in the second floor banquet room. One story claims these are the bones of one of the Touhy brothers killed in a shootout. Another makes them to be that of someone that crossed the Touhy brothers in their shady business dealings.

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