It Happened Here, in the Madison Area
2011 "Bike Path Flasher" Strikes Again at East Town Mall
2010 Woman Makes False 911 Call To Divert Police
2010 Cutting in Line Gets Woman Arrested
2010 Man Crashes Car Into Visions Nightclub, Wanted to Decapitate Sister
2009 Promoter Crushed by Monster Truck During Show
2009 City Council Makes Plastic Flamingo Madison's Official Bird
2008 Bob D'angelo Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion and Mail Fraud
2008 Bodily Fluids Dropped On Student
2008 Dane County 911 Center Apologizes for Mishandling Call
2006 Japanese Student Disappears, Body Found Months Later
2006 Human Remains Dug Up During St. Mary’s Expansion
2005 Madison Smoking Ban Starts, Bar Business Plummets
2004 East Side Home Explodes From Gas Leak, Man Dies
2004 City Searches for UW Student, Turns Out to be a Hoax
2004 Speeding Car Jumps Yahara River killing Man
2004 What Happened to Amos Mortier?
2003 Disabled Woman Is Raped at CWC
2003 Cameraman Falls to His Death at Camp Randall
2003 Reverend Killed in a Hit and Run
2002 Local Comedian Dave Gray Dies from Seizure
2001 Dotty Dumplings Dowry Fights City Hall
2001 Man Destroys Badger Liquor Inventory
2000 UW Athletics Shoe Box NCAA Violations
1998 Concerts on the Square Conductor Dies
1998 Metro Bus Torched by Crazy Man
1997 Death of an Angel
1997 Saturday Night Live Stars Attend Chris Farley’s Funeral
1997 Pregnant Woman Run over by Her Own Boat
1995 Girl Falls Nine Stories From Downtown Building
1994 Theresa McGovern Death
1994 Woman Goes Missing for Two Years
1994 UW Football Player Arrested in Drug Bust
1994 Attempted Arson at the Mayors House
1994 UW Student Plunges to His Death at Construction Site
1993 Badgers Upset Michigan, Fans Crush Each Other
1991 UW Volleyball Coach Steve Lowe Dies
1988 Polar Bear Shot at Vilas Zoo
1988 Psycho Elevator Lady bizarre behavior was clue that something was wrong.
1987 The Controversial Olin Terrace Mural
1986 Orton Park Gay Lib Statue
1986 UW Football Coach Dave McLain Dies
1986 Ex Mayor Has to Find His Own Stolen Car
1986 Basketball Players Acused of Rape
1984 Serial Killer Confesses to Murders in Madison, Police Determine False Confessions

1982 Local Sportscaster Gets Pulled for Racial Remark
1982 Man Bleeds to Death in Attempted Robbery
1980 Madison Metro Bus Strike
1980 Barbara Hoffman Murder Trial
1979 Sonya Sather killed by a hit and run driver
1979 Movie With Teen Stars Filmed in Madison
1977 State Employees Strike for Fifteen Days
1977 Madison Newspapers Strike
1977 Simonson First Elected Official to be Recalled
1977 Elvis Presley Breaks Up Fight
1976 Boy Drowns in East High Pool
1976 Madison Teachers Strike for Two Weeks
1976 Ice Storm Freezes and Shuts Down Madison
1972 Man Dies From 75 ft Fall While Working on Antenna
1972 Football Player Killed in Accident
1970 Sterling Hall Bombing Wakes Madison
1969 Lenny's Inferno Hits the Air
1969 Madison Fire Department Strike
1968 Vilas Zoo Carousel Ceases Operation
1967 Boy Drowns in Memorial High Pool
1967 Protesters and Police Clash
1967 Truax Bound Jet Crashes
1966 Firefighter Dies in State Street Fire
1960 Boxer dies from fight, UW drops sport
1959 Police Chief Fired for Improprieties
1958 Black Players Separated From Team
1958 F-102A Jet crashes into Lake Monona
1956 University of Wisconsin Makes a Stand Against Racism
1953 A Bad Year for Truax Jets
1950 Man Dies as Chimney Falls During Windstorm
1950 Missing Airman Was From Madison
1948 Life Magazine The Good Life in Madison, Wisconsin
1944 Badger Quarterback Dies From Game Injuries
1940 Glenn Frank Sr. & Glenn Jr., former UW President & son killed in car accident together
1930 Dorothy Berkan, six years old, run over by car while sledding
1930 Cigarette at Gas Station Causes Fire, Kills Two
1924 Ferdinand & Magdalena Foss, couple dies as new stove leaks gas
1918 Arthur & Ingwald Nelson, father died one day after son in flu pandemic
1916 Bascom Hall Once Had a Dome
1904 Madison's Second Capitol Burned
1884 Science Hall Destroyed by Fire
1868 Prominent Architect Committed Suicide
1862 Wisconsin Governor Drowns in Tennessee Visiting Troops
1856 Son of President Thomas Jefferson Dies in Madison
1836 The Canal That Never Was