Dane County 911 Center Apologizes
2008 – Madison, WI
After saying for days there would be no apology, they apologize.

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk has written letters of apology to be sent to the family of murder victim Brittany Zimmermann and her fiancé, in response to a disclosure last week that a call to the 911 center was made from her phone around the time she was killed, but was not returned as is normal protocol.

Falk aide Joshua Wescott said Monday that the family and Zimmermann's fiance, Jordan Gonnering, will receive letters of apology.

Someone, presumably Zimmermann, made a call to the 911 center on April 2, the day Gonnering found Zimmermann's body in the Doty Street apartment they shared, and when the caller hung up, no return call was made. Neither Madison Police nor 911 center officials disclosed the existence of that call until a story in Isthmus last week revealed the call had been made.

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray said that there was information in the call which should have resulted in a dispatcher calling back.

Along with Falk, Dane County Board Chairman Scott McDonell also offered an apology, saying Zimmermann should have gotten a call back from the 911 center.