What Happened to Amos Mortier?
Nov 8, 2004 Madison, WI
Amos was last seen at his school, Madison Area Technical College. His last cell phone record was at 1:20 p.m. His dog Gnosis was located three doors down where a woman took Gnosis in after he showed up on her steps, his car and truck were both parked in the driveway. His backpack was still in his car with his wallet, Driver's License, money, and his last lab notes from class that day...all still in his car.

Inside, Amos' turntable was spinning at the end of the album with loud scratching coming through his speakers; Gnosis' dog food bowl full, a tuition check was on his computer desk.

It looked like Amos got home from school, left his books in the car thinking he'd go out and get them later, fed the dog, put an album on, and began hanging pictures. He had been living in this house for only 2.5 months; the stepstool was left right in the middle of the hall area with a level and hammer there.

It is exactly as if he was in the middle of doing ordinary things, then something interrupted him...and then he was gone.

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Amos Mortier (27)