Black Players Seperated From Team
December 1958 Madison, WI
Two UW Basketball players, Jim Biggs & Ivan Jefferson, were told they couldn't stay in the same hotel with the rest of the team because the two were black.

Instead of staying with the team at a Houston-area hotel for a game against Rice they were sent to the all-black campus of Texas Southern.

That experience prompted the UW Athletic Board to adopt a resolution, dated Dec. 19, 1958, which stated that Badgers student-athletes "travel together, lodge and dine together and play together as a team without discrimination."

That stand explains in part why the UW men's basketball team didn't play another game in the South until 1963 and why the Badgers football team didn't travel to that part of the country until 1972.

Biggs wound up becoming the first black captain of the Badgers and graduated from UW Law School in 1968.