Man Leaves Toddler With Corpse While He Goes to Work
Aug 10, 2010 – Madison, WI

A Madison man is being charged with child neglect after police investigating the death of his girlfriend found their 18-month-old toddler dirty and unkempt at the South Side motel room, Expo Inn, 910 Ann St., where they were living.

James Armour told police that he thought his girlfriend, Nicole Gaziano, might be dead, but he said he had to get to work on time or risk losing his job.

About four hours after he left for work Armour called the front desk from his workplace and asked the staff to check on Gaziano's condition. The desk clerk found her dead and the couple's son in the room with her.

When police contacted Armour he said, “So she's really dead?”

James R. Armour (47)
Nicole Gaziano