Dotty Dumplings Dowrys Defiance
July 20, 2001 Madison, WI
After months of court Proceedings the Last Holdout In Way Of Overture Center falls. The restaurant at 116 N. Fairchild Street was the last holdout in the way of the Overture Center.

The city's Community Development Authority bought the property in a condemnation after negotiations with owner Jeff Stanley failed. The CDA has paid Stanley $583,680 and agreed to cover relocation costs of up to $50,000 and the restaurant's actual moving costs. Stanley sought more compensation, triggering a legal battle. Construction of the Overture Center moved forward anyway, with the still-open Dotty's becoming an increasingly odd island. Supporters cast Stanley as a victim of the city. Detractors saw him as opportunistic. A Dane County judge evicted Stanley and allowed demolition to proceed.