Police Chase Stolen Doughnut Truck At High Speed
November 25, 2007 Madison, WI
Police from two departments chased down a stolen doughnut truck and arrested Warren G. Whitelightning on a tentative drunken driving charge, eluding police, driving a stolen vehicle, reckless endangerment, retail theft and other traffic violations.

A Krispy Kreme doughnut delivery driver was making a delivery at Open Pantry, 2216 University Ave., when his truck was stolen. A UW-Madison police officer saw the truck and gave chase. During the chase, the driver of the stolen truck stopped and backed into the UW squad car before taking off again.

A Madison police officer later spotted the truck and picked up the chase on University Avenue. Speeds reached more than 80 mph. The chase ended when the driver crossed the median and turned into the village of Shorewood Hills and surrendered in a parking lot behind Copps, 3650 University, where he was arrested.

The whole episode, flying doughnuts and all, was captured on police video. Whitelightning, from Crandon, was sentenced to two years in prison followed by three years of extended supervision.

Warren G. Whitelightning (37)