Woman Makes False 911 Call To Divert Police
Nov 30, 2010 – Madison, WI
Tierra Miles was for retail theft at South Towne Mall and told by police she couldn't drive her van home from the mall's parking lot because she was intoxicated and had a suspended license.

Shortly after there was a 911 call to report a shooting on in the 2000 block of Lake Point Drive. The caller reported seeing a man being shot and that he fell to the ground and was having trouble breathing, the call then disconnected.

About 25 members of the Madison Police Department were sent and established a perimeter as officers set off on foot attempting to find the victim, suspects, witnesses or the scene of the crime.

The 911 dispatcher attempted to get the original caller back on the line, but was not successful. The cell phone used to place the call was then traced back to Miles.

Madison police then began searching for Miles and found her, and her van, at her home on Magnolia Lane and arrested her. She stuck to her story of seeing a shooting and said her cell phone died. When asked why she didn’t call again after getting home she said she saw police heading in that direction on her way home so she thought there was no need.

Tierra L. Miles (27)