Chris Farley Dies
December 18, 1997 Madison, WI
Chris Farley died in Chicago. His Funeral was December 23, 1997 in Madison at the Queen of Peace Catholic Church 401 S. Owen Drive.

In attendance along with friends and family were stars: Lorne Michaels, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Tom Arnold, George Wendt, John Goodman, Al Franken & Tim Meadows.

On the back of the remembrance accompanied by a picture of Farley was "A Clown's Prayer."
"As I stumble through this life, help me to create more laughter than tears, dispense more happiness than gloom, spread more cheer than despair... Never let me forget my work is to cheer people, make them happy, make them laugh."

David Spade did not attend. He later said "It was too rough when it happened, I've never really dealt with it well." Spade did come to madison to honor Farley December 9, 2002 at the fifth-annual Comics Come. An event sponsered by The Chris Farley Foundation.

Farley was a member of SNL from 1990 until 1995.

Hollywood remembered Farley with a star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard August 26, 2005

Chris is Interred in Madison at Resurrection Catholic Cemetery

Chris Farley (33)