Hardee’s Robbery Turns Fatal

May 15, 1995 – Madison, WI     Hardee's (Now a McDonald's)     1102 Regent St.
Sometime between 5 a.m. and 6:25 a.m. Vilayvien Chareun was assaulted by a former employee at the Hardee's restaurant on Regent Street. A second employee discovered her bound, gagged and unconscious and called 911.

Chareun died three days later as a result of “two forms of asphyxial homicidal assault.''

Along with duct tape being placed on her hands and face. The duct tape covered her nose and mouth making her unable to breathe.

Her hands were bound behind her back with duct tape and her entire face from beneath her eyes to below her chin was covered with the tape so she couldn't breathe. She was also strangled.

Jerome Moore won't be eligible for parole until May 15, 2033, exactly 38 years after the crime. In August he pleaded guilty. At sentencing Moore faced his victim's angry husband. Bon Chareun, a Madison School District custodian, told his wife's convicted killer that he must support three children on his meager salary. “I wasn't thinking, man,'' Moore responded. "I'm sorry." Moore had worked at the restaurant as a supervisor and blamed Chareun, also a supervisor, for his firing on April 5.

"You are not human," said Bon Chareun, staring straight back at his wife's killer. "Look at these children. What am I going to do? How do I support them on $3.50 an hour?"

Vilayvien Chareun (34)
Jerome Moore (30)