Man Crushed by Monster Truck During Show
January 25, 2009 – Madison, WI
A monster truck show promoter, who days earlier touted his event's safety record, died after being crushed by one of the trucks during a show at the Coliseum. “This is our 16th year. I wish I had a big piece of wood to knock on right now, but we have not had an incident besides a gal slipping in the aisle way at another location.”

George Eisenhart accidentally "stepped in front of a moving vehicle in a fashion that did not provide the vehicle's driver enough time to react". The show scheduled the next day was canceled in the wake of the tragedy.

He received immediate attention from the medical team on site and was then transported to the University of Wisconsin Hospital.

The situation did not happen as part of an actual competition portion of the event. The “on-track” activity was over and the vehicles involved were simply returning to their designated parking areas. “Samson” was the truck that hit Eisenhart. Its owner and driver, Daniel Patrick, had been on the monster truck circuit for more than 20 years.

Patrick told detectives he did not see Eisenhart walk out on the floor. “He knew he had hit something but obviously, he didn't know it was a person. He is taking this very hard”.

Eisenhart died eight days after a 6-year-old boy was killed by flying debris at a monster truck show in Tacoma, Washington. The shows were staged by different companies.

Daniel Patrick (54)
George Eisenhart (41), left behind a wife & two daughters.