Woman Goes Missing for Two Years
March 1994 Madison, WI
Elisabeth Hartog mysteriously disappeared. Arrested two years later in Austin, Texas, for pan-handling.

Hartog had lived with her parents Madison home at 1322 Dewey Court. When the parents moved to New Jersey, the 17-year-old, who goes by the name Lisbet, chose to stay behind in Madison. The couple had a bad scare in July 1994, when the decomposed body of a young woman was found in a car trunk.

In 1994 Hartog's parents sent her an $880 check for her birthday, but when it was cashed it had been altered to read $6,880. The money was deposited in Hartog's account and later $2,500 was taken out by Hartog's neighbor, whose name was also on the account. She never attempted to withdraw any of the money herself, nor did she used her credit cards.

A graduate of Malcolm Shabazz City High School. She faces a charge of forgery for that incident, but police have always said they were far more concerned with finding her than with the criminal charge.

Elisabeth Hartog (17)