Wisconsin Supreme Court Decides Sex with Corpse Against the Law
July 09, 2008 – Madison, WI
The Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstated criminal charges against three men who dug up a corpse, planning to have sex with it. Lower courts had dismissed attempted third-degree sexual assault charges, saying state law does not criminalize necrophilia. The Supreme Court decided in a 5-2 decision that they could be charged with sexual assault even if the victim is deceased.

Nicholas Grunke saw an obituary photo of a young woman recently killed in a motorcycle crash and asked his brother, Alex, and friend, Dustin Radke, to help dig up the body so he could have sex with it. The three went to St. Charles Cemetery in Cassville in September 2006 and used the shovels to reach her grave but were unable to pry the concrete vault open. They fled after a car drove into the cemetery. Police found a van near the scene containing shovels, a wrecking bar, a tarp to lift the corpse from the grave, and a box of condoms.

According to Dustin Radke, over the years, Grunke expressed an interest in necrophilia. “He always said he wanted to have sex with a body, and we all kind of made fun of him for it”

Jefren Olsen, an assistant public defender who represented Radke, said he agreed with the dissent of two of the Justices, and the majority opinion was “dead wrong”

Alex Grunke (22) of Ridgeway
Nicholas Grunke (22) of Ridgeway
Dustin Radke (21) of Dodgeville

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 – Lancaster, WI. A jury found Nicholas Grunke guilty on all counts; attempted third-degree sexual assault, attempted theft, attempted damage to cemetery property and sentenced him to 2 years. His defense attorney argued that Grunke only wanted to talk to the dead woman's body.

Grunke told the jury that he watched the movie “I'll Bury You Tomorrow”. He described the actions of the movie's main character; a mortician who takes the body of a man back to her room, where she dances with him and sits with him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009 Dustin Radke was given 1 year in prison. Testified he took part in grave-robbing scheme because he was offered $500.