Truax Jet Crash 1967
Nov. 29, 1967 Madison, WI
Al Bannigan was flying a training mission from Texas to Madison. He was also planning rent a house for his wifre and the kids.
Al was being deployed to Vietnam, the home would bring his family closer to his wifes parents. Lorna had joined the Navy not long out of Oregon High School.

Something went wrong with the plane as it approached Truax a likely possibility being icing on the wings and Al Bannigan ejected his co-pilot, Olney, before the crash. Olney survived but was seriously injured. Bannigan stayed with the plane, succeeding in keeping it from crashing in a populated area. The plane came to ground in a swampy area some 1,000 feet north of the Truax Field runway.

Aloysius Bannigan (34)
Lorna (Raasch) Bannigan
Children: Kimberly, Kelly, Sheila, Aloysius (Skip), Chris & Brian