Turkeys go Postal in Madison
April 13, 2008 – Madison, WI
It’s mating season for wild turkeys and they are attacking unsuspecting Madison postal workers on the west side. A gang of wild tom turkeys have been peering out from behind the shrubbery and jumping on the backs of the legs, particularly those who wear shorts.

John Kass, a Chicago Tribune columnist wrote: "What really must be horrifying is that quiet moment, just before they attack. They peer out behind some shrubbery, their long necks craning, their turkey eyes fixing on non-suspecting human calves of mail carriers, and decide to either mate with, or kill those calves, or both."

"Just imagine a randy turkey running out from shrubbery, lusting after the legs of postal workers, lunging toward them, head bobbing forward, the way horny turkeys run."