Darrell Ballweg Murder
Feb 3, 2012 Madison, WI
North side murder in fight over food "homicidal firearm violence"

Darrell Ballweg (38) Edgar Ivan Salinas (24) White Aspen Road

Police Search For 'Armed And Dangerous' Man The Dane County Medical Examiner said Darrell Ballweg, 38, of Madison was killed in the fatal shooting Friday night on Madison's north side. Crime scene tape remains in place at the White Aspen Road house where police continue to comb through the residence for clues on where Edgar Ivan Salinas may be hiding out. Neighbors said that they're shocked at the events that have prompted this lingering police presence. "It's a nice, quiet neighborhood, hardly anything happens," said Ken Robinson. Robinson was understandably surprised when detectives came knocking Friday night looking for witnesses to the deadly shooting. "When he (a policeman) came to the door, I looked out and saw 8-10 police cars out there," said Robinson. "So I knew something was going on, but I didn't know what." Police have reconstructed the deadly events that took place Friday: They say a dispute broke out between two men who shared the same White Aspen Road home. Salinas, 24, then shot Ballweg dead, and he made his getaway in a blue 2006 Chevy Uplander minivan. The Uplander has a disabled license plate with number 69157D. His girlfriend, Jessica, who isn't suspected in the killing, and the couple's baby were with him when he fled. "What we don't know at this point is whether the wife went voluntarily or whether he forced her to go," said police spokesman Joel DeSpain. "So we do have some concern for her welfare right now, and also for the welfare of the child." Police have issued a nationwide bulletin for the van, but they haven't found the man yet. "It's a possibility he could've dumped the vehicle from last night, and is traveling by other means, we don't know that," said DeSpain. "But if someone even sees the vehicle parked somewhere, please call us. That'll give us a trail to follow." Police say that since the shooting wasn't random that the public is not at risk. Neighbors are taking some comfort in that belief. "The police assured us that it wasn't a random thing, it was that something between people that knew each other," said Robinson. The neighborhood is obviously quite shaken Madison's first homicide of the year could have happened in their neighborhood. But they do expect their neighborhood will get much quieter after the police activity dies down.

The Dane County Medical Examiner's office has identified the victim of a fatal shooting on the north side as Darrell D. Ballweg, 38, of Madison. (Resurection?) Autopsy results conducted Saturday confirmed Ballweg died as the result of "homicidal firearm violence." Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said on Monday morning that the manhunt continues for suspect Edgar Ivan Salinas-Leal, 24. Salinas-Leal allegedly shot and killed Ballweg during an argument at the White Aspen Road townhouse shared by the two men and their families. Police believe Salinas-Leal fled the scene Friday night with his wife Jessica and their infant child, taking Ballweg's blue Chevy Uplander minivan.

After a more than four-day manhunt, accused murderer Edgar Ivan Salinas-Leal was arrested early Wednesday morning, Madison police reported. Salinas-Leal, 24, was located at a vacant apartment in the 5800 block of Raymond Road on the southwest side, according to a police news release at 3:50 a.m. Wednesday. He was taken into custody through "an excellent coordinated effort" by patrol officers, detectives, the community policing team and the SWAT team, the release states. The department told Madison.com that Salinas-Leal was taken into custody without incident.