Woman Found Murdered, Husband Commits Suicide
Jan 24, 2013 Madison, WI

Due in court the next day to finalize their divorce.

A neighbor of Boyce, who shares a wall with her apartment, told police about being awakened by a loud noise after midnight early Jan. 23. The neighbor then heard 15 to 20 "thump-like" noises and sounds that resembled crying. The crying ended abruptly, the neighbor told police, and there was silence.

Despite the noises, nobody checked on Boyce until about 10:30 a.m. Jan. 24, nearly 35 hours after the neighbor heard the sounds. The search warrant affidavit described Boyce's body as having injuries "that made it obvious that she had been murdered."

The medical examiner said Boyce died from injuries from an edged weapon.

Jennifer Boyce (31) Found in her apartment at Prairie Stone Commons 6809 Milwaukee St.
Bernard Grosso (34) Found in his home at 3802 Atwood Ave. Shotgun near his body.